First time when I called to Flightsbnb and asked them if they could help me out with a trip going in to a deep Polish village “Krosno”. Which is south west of Poland near Slovakia. Booking agent told me yes “not a problem I can set you up anywhere in the planet”. Sound aggressive and confidence? He didn’t call me in 30 minutes but 3 hours later. I understood he was busy and needs 30 minutes to research to find out how to get me in there. Believe it or not they really set me up with three weeks Apartment rental, Bus Tickets and Domestic flights. Now I ‘m planning to open a restaurant business here in “Krosno” where has about 38 thousand population and trust me very clean city. Beside Polish people are so nice and so hospitality. Polish village are clean and beautiful houses with nice gardens and green filed and tree is so peaceful. Fruits vegetables just fresh as you can think of. I couldn’t do this trip without Samuel (the Agent of Flights BNB), Cheers.