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Why do I need Visa? First and foremost, we recommend you to check with local embassy or consulate. A visa is a diplomatic treaty between two independent countries. The visa system is to control and organize people entering in or exiting a country. A visa is official permission to stay legally inside the country while being tourist or doing business or just passing through.

U.S. citizens are not required to have a visa to enter most countries (depend on the diplomatic treaty), but there are many countries that require a pre-entry visa. The visa system is also a part of the security immigrations and sharing information. Visa entry could vary from country to country. Some visas can be obtained upon arrival at the airport while others can be pre-approved. Visas can be obtained in a variety of circumstances. Not all visas are stamps on the passport, some could be issued in a separate piece of paper or electronically (E-Visa).

If you have multi or dual citizenship, then your visa could be based on the citizenship you choose. If you are a legal resident with a green-card, then your nationality may face a harder entry restriction such as: demanding an invitation letter, hotel bookings, round trip flights tickets, financial guarantee etc. It is important to know that having a visa doesn’t mean you have all rights to enter other countries. Sometimes at the entry point such as the Airport, Border, or Seaport, your visa could be revoked and denied entry and lead to a deportation.

NOTE: Make sure to mention: date of travel, nationality, and the country you will be entering, etc. Once we receive your e-mail one of our agents will contact you for further details. Please be sure your passport is valid least for 6 months (expiring date counts from the date of entry) and keep some passport photos handy, as they would be need it for the visa application. Some visa applications can be delayed or take a much longer time. We recommend applying for your visa at least two to three weeks in advance.


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